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Well, it's done - hope you like it :)

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Chat Window Background

2010-06-04 22:20:53 by PoderOdunk

Ok - here's the deal - everyone can see the current A-bot animation in the background of the chat window.

If you can make something of equal quality or better - and would like to feature it as a user selectable background with a credit, please send the animation to me through PM here - I promise I will look at every PM sent - if you got skills - it will be added asap.

Be honest with your own skill level - I hate telling people their stuff isn't good enough - Look at a-bot - it's pretty cool - you need to be able to make something just as cool to get it added.

Ok - that's about it, thanks!

Looking for Artists/Animators

2010-05-25 17:23:52 by PoderOdunk

If you're interested in being a part of the chat - I need ppl to make skins for it - the skins will be user selectable.

So, if you want to have a part, just get in touch with me :)