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Chat Window Background

2010-06-04 22:20:53 by PoderOdunk

Ok - here's the deal - everyone can see the current A-bot animation in the background of the chat window.

If you can make something of equal quality or better - and would like to feature it as a user selectable background with a credit, please send the animation to me through PM here - I promise I will look at every PM sent - if you got skills - it will be added asap.

Be honest with your own skill level - I hate telling people their stuff isn't good enough - Look at a-bot - it's pretty cool - you need to be able to make something just as cool to get it added.

Ok - that's about it, thanks!


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2010-06-04 22:57:29

Why don't you make it where you can put in an image URL and it makes it the background?


2010-06-05 01:54:19

does it have to be an animation, or can it be still. Personally, a moving image can be distracting if it's big..


2010-06-05 11:32:34

hay man i love your chat its the first one ive ever been on and its awsone youle find out i dont cruse you can ask gekson52 as soon as he signs on


2010-06-05 14:47:14

i like the animation, but i cant see it because nobody can get in.


2010-06-05 15:50:01

i found a problem, recently when i try to get in it says i have to be logged in to NG to be in there... even when i AM logged in.


2010-06-06 01:31:43

hey man, the chat is still down. is it supposed to be?


2010-06-06 03:07:46

i cant log on to the chat even when i am logged on to the site, so i was hoping that you can fix this bug... thanks


2010-06-06 19:23:55

Hey, im having a problem, the chat just stays at "connecting hold on to your shorts" but does not change.
can u fix this? thnx


2010-06-08 00:59:09

i have a problem i try to play game and it say its already taken but iv been playing then this happend


2010-06-11 02:22:51

I fuck you Poder!


2010-07-02 22:26:07