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Standalone Desktop Radio Finished!

2010-06-17 04:00:46 by PoderOdunk

Well, it's done - hope you like it :)

Newgrounds Radio


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2011-09-02 02:16:53

yeah guys go to my or floffmonster's newspost and click the link you find there. That chat never dies, and never goes down - ever.


2011-09-02 02:17:23

also we have no control over radiochat not working - so please don't ask us.


2011-09-03 22:38:00

ur chat room isnt workin ]:


2011-09-04 03:58:05

fix the chat room


2011-09-08 18:33:29

I don't get it.
Why are you all concerned about a shitty chat?
What is it that the Newgrounds Radio Chat has that other chats don't have?
Other than a lazy ass administrator who can't fix one server crash, I see nothing different from the Newgrounds Chat to any other chat.
So stop fucking complaining about the chatroom and move on. Don't you guys have friends IRL that you can talk to? ...Scratch that, the majority of you are too scared for real friends.


2011-09-09 09:39:42

if you found any other chat wich is working and wich is not filled with only bots, then tell me the name


2011-09-11 19:09:20

I found a new chatroom we can all use! :D
It's called shut the fuck up and find a different chatroom you pussies!


2011-09-12 15:33:18

thy, all chats are or bot chats or overflown and crashed...


2011-09-12 19:34:13

Shity music I tell ya! More today music not 1800's ok ^^


2011-09-14 20:14:24

It's not a radio.
It's a tool that uses other users' music without their permission.
Because PoderOdunk can't make his own fucking music.
Because he's an idiot.


2011-09-16 20:03:26

Not necessarily.
If you actually bothered to look Nyvrem, you'd find a chat with no bots.
So instead of waiting for an answer, go find one.


2011-09-17 17:04:58

Fix the chat (again)
It has some problems...


2011-09-18 07:13:07

what is the name of the chat of wich you speak, thy


2011-09-21 20:25:19

Are you for real PoderOdunk?
You get the chat to work for less than an hour, and then it breaks down. Again.
Just get rid of it. It's a crashing dysfunctional catastrophe of bullshit. Take it down.


2011-10-01 13:22:21

this peice of shit yu call radio chat is broke again liar you shit ball its not even a radio and you use diffrent music and don't make it so shit ball fix it you asshole


2011-10-06 11:02:56

You gone on holiday again Poder? *Sighs*

Hope the chat'll be up again soon.


2011-10-11 03:59:01

DUDE! FIX YOU'RE DAM CHAT! or I'll make a new one within 5 to 8 months


2011-10-11 19:06:12

Fix this radio chat for god sakes, I'm signed in but it say's i'm not, FIX THIS RADIO CHAT!!!


2011-10-12 11:32:02

Great job! I doubt that you are thinking about fixing the radio chat, but there was too many fags on there. Anyway, nice to finally meet you.


2011-10-22 15:25:01

good work people of newgrounds go to my profiie and you will see the newgrounds channel on my postings


2011-10-22 19:16:28

get off your fat lazy ass and fix this poder... you do realize this IS the site's chat... everyone on newgrounds doesnt have a chat to use... no thanks to you dipshit


2011-10-22 19:17:18

if you dont fix it we gonna find you... and eat ur children


2011-10-25 16:49:28

Are you fucking stupid? It isn't the site's chat at all, you fuckhead. It's PoderOdunk's chat, and I don't see why you're still complaining about this? It's OK to get mad as soon as it breaks on you, but for fuck sake, stop bitching about one little chat.


2011-10-28 22:10:47

Shut up and remember it's not too late to grab a life.


2011-11-02 14:44:47

Fix it.


2011-11-09 18:02:35

ok NEWGROUNDS RADIO CHAT dosint work are you crazy? man


2011-11-15 09:30:37

hey PoderOdunk........ if i wanna do da chat..... it says..... Newgrounds chat is for members only.
Register for one today!
while i AM logged in already plz fix it OK?
~Greetings: justinvh~
(or ~FantasyGames~lawl)


2011-11-16 09:41:18

-Status of Newgrounds Radio Chat- broken. Has been for months - won't ever be fixed - the creator of it quit newgrounds. Go
(take out the space) instead - newground's original chat - it ain't as pretty but it's functional. Just follow the rules and you won't get banned.

spread the word! Make a newspost about it! Put it in your sig!


2011-11-23 11:48:02

you need to fix radio logged in,but i cant chat for some reason...


2011-12-22 15:54:57

your chat room is brokin


2011-12-29 15:08:13

now fix the chat!


2012-01-03 21:51:19

Fix newgrounds radio chat i cant go on!


2012-01-16 19:07:57

Can you plz fix the newground chatroom? thx.


2012-01-21 15:41:02

Please stop making stupid comments and reviews about the radio chat being down, it's getting annoying.
Just go to IRC if you're that desperate to chat, be warned though, we will not tolerate childish things in there, and yes it will be quiet so don't whine about it.


2012-01-24 04:47:37

i just love how new grounds is so awsome, now that it has this radio it so awsome that i think i got to go on the internet to find the right word to describe how awsome it is ^0^


2012-01-28 09:53:56



2012-02-18 07:45:56

dude its awsome...but it wont work for some reason now you should go check it out. (not that you have'nt.


2012-09-30 13:34:03

What happened to almost all of your games that you had? They just disappeared :\


2013-04-17 08:53:13